Rebecca Rolfe Room

Room information


1 Queen

2nd floor

Rebecca Rolfe – known as a girl by the nickname Pocahontas – was the favorite daughter of Wahunsenacawh (known to the English as Chief Powhatan). Her name was changed upon her conversion to Christianity and her marriage to planter John Rolfe helped bring peace on the Peninsula for many years.

Her namesake room emphasizes this peaceful setting with floor to ceiling floral draperies and the canopied, four poster queen size bed. This lovely room provide a glimpse of respite from the demands of today. Situated on our second floor, this room is white with blue trim and boasts beautiful views of the property. 


Meal included – breakfast



Air conditioning

Maid service

Bathroom amenities

Ceiling fan

Shower only

Complimentary high speed internet in room


Private bathroom

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