Winter Fun in Williamsburg

January 27, 2020

Don’t let the winter doldrums get to you. Take a mid-winter vacation to Williamsburg! With incredible restaurants, interactive museums, and world-class shopping, you’ll have a blast during your trip. Here are some of the best things to do during the winter in Williamsburg, Va.


Grab a Beer:

Enjoy all of the incredible ales, lagers, and IPAs that come out of this brewer’s paradise. In downtown alone, you can hop from brewery to brewery tasting flights of brews. Precarious Beer Project is a long time favorite and is always hosting events, from live music to taco nights. 

Just outside of downtown lies the Virginia Beer Company, a must-stop for any beer lover. This brewery lies in a historic building and boasts an industrial feel. During the summer months, one can enjoy the sun in their beer garden, but during the winter, nothing is more cozy than their taproom. Pick up a board game from their massive collection and sip a brew for a perfect chilly day afternoon. 


Visit A Museum:

Williamsburg has a plethora of museums, from art museums that capture life in the early colonial times to unique museums dedicated to preserving the tanks, airplanes, vehicles, and other transportation devices that have guided us through the different wars. It is hard to pick just one museum to hit, so visit all the best. Find the Top 5 Most Amusing Museums in Williamsburg and you’ll be an expert on the area in no time. 


Go Ice Skating:

The Liberty Ice Pavilion is the place to be on a winter day. A smooth ice rink is perfectly set in between two colonial buildings on the infamous Duke of Gloucester Street in downtown Williamsburg and allows you to spend the day skating around and sipping on hot cocoa. For a romantic evening, head over once the sun goes down and dance around the ice illuminated by twinkling lights. 


Stew Season:

Locals love the winter season in Williamsburg as it is the only time of year where you can grab a hot bowl of the classic Williamsburg Brunswick Stew. Lore says that this hearty meal was invented by a lazy farmer who threw everything he had in the cupboard into one pot and found a delicious concoction of tomatoes, onions, lima beans, cabbage, corn, and chicken. Ever since, it has been a staple of Virginian winters and can be found in taverns and eateries across the state. While you could fall into a cozy bliss with any rendition of this historic stew, make your way to Chowning’s Tavern to find one of the best recipes in the state. 


Live Theater:

After the sun dips below the horizon, head inside to one of Williamsburg’s incredible theaters. The intimate Kimball Theater hosts a variety of concerts and dance performances plus screens indie and foreign films from time to time. You can also visit the Williamsburg Players Theater for unique performances varying from comedic acts to up and coming musicals that you’ve never seen before. A night of grandeur is only a ticket away. 


Experience a Romantic Getaway:

Spend your days sipping wine, treating yourself with luxurious massages, dining at Williamsburg’s award-winning restaurants, and falling deeper in love with your favorite person. Planning an intimate weekend away has never been so simple with the Romantic Getaway Package from the Cedars of Williamsburg. Arrive to your plush room adorned with your choice of fresh cut flowers or chocolate dipped strawberries plus a bottle of wine or sparkling cider. You will also receive a gift certificate to one of Williamsburg’s finest restaurants. Return to your cozy room after a long day of explorations and relax in extravagance. 


When the historic buildings get a dusting of snow and everyone is out ice skating and wandering around the town turns into a winter dream. With so many activities and attractions to keep you cozy, winter is the perfect time to visit the charming town of Williamsburg. 

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