Where to Propose in Williamsburg, VA

October 27, 2020

Congrats! You’ve found the love of your life and you want to pop the question in a place that will blow your partner away. Williamsburg, Virginia has a spot for everyone. For the outdoorsy couple to the traditional proposal and everything in between, you’ll find somewhere perfect to propose in town. 

Crim Dell Bridge

Many engagements have started on this stunning red and white bridge on the campus of William & Mary. The bridge is rumored to have special lore. If two friends cross, they will be friends forever. If they kiss they will love each other forever. What a romantic and enchanting place to start your lives together. 


Carlton Farm Stables

Plan a romantic horse ride to the Battleground of Greensprings with Carlton Farm Stables. This 100-acre farm has multiple spots where you can pop the question. Perfect for the history buff couple or someone looking for an intimate space to share together. This stable is also a popular spot for weddings! Come back with all of your friends and family and throw the wedding of your dreams right here. 


Nicholson Street Compton Oak

In the heart of Williamsburg lies a 70-foot tall oak tree with branches that reach over 97 feet out. This is a dreamy spot for an intimate picnic, a must-see during peak foliage season, or for a show-stopping proposal. While this tree is in the center of Colonial Williamsburg and across the street from the St. George Tucker House, it offers a peaceful retreat as many people do not go out of their way to bask in the canopy’s shade. You can have the entire site to yourself and take some incredible engagement photos together. 

caucasian hands engagement ring

Le Yaca

If you are looking for that traditionally classic dinner engagement, Le Yaca is the place to go. This romantic French restaurant is a popular destination for anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and any special occasion. Pop the question with a glass of champagne or have it delivered with dessert for a special engagement that will never go out of style. 

Romantic Carriage Ride

One of the most romantic activities in Colonial Williamsburg is a horse-drawn carriage ride around town. You can’t reserve rides in advance, but you can purchase your tickets the day of. Get there early in the morning to pick your time and plan your day around it. They have a variety of carriages from multi-family to the Romantic Wythe that would be a Cinderella-worthy proposal. Pop the question during your romantic ride and spend the rest of the day celebrating. 


Cedars of Williamsburg B&B

Stay at the Cedars of Williamsburg B&B during your trip to Williamsburg, VA. This gorgeous gregorian mansion hosts traditional rooms, romantic suites, and a private cottage for your stay. Let innkeepers Alex & Laura in on your big plan and they’ll be more than willing to help. With their Romantic Getaway Package, you can come home to a room with fresh cut flowers or chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of wine or cider, and a dinner for two at one of Williamsburg’s finest restaurants. You can also have your ring delivered along with your delicious breakfast in the morning. Catch your partner by surprise and enjoy a whole day of celebrations. 


No matter where you pop the question, you’ll have a story that you’ll want to tell time and time again. After your picture-perfect proposal, come back to celebrate at the Cedars of Williamsburg B&B

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